Sarah Moreau, Arts

2017 – 2018

Analog prints and acrylic yarn

Artist Statement

My artwork explores notions of beauty, sex, gender, and memory from a feminist perspective.

Having touched upon topics such as female masturbation, menstruation, and the nude, my work raises awareness to feminist issues in the hopes of normalizing the female experience.

I am interested in the relationship between memory and the body, with the scar as my subject matter. A permanent mark of memory and a symbol of pain, sacrifice, healing, and strength: the scar tells a story. My work investigates the connotations of the scar, the influence it has on a woman’s idea of the self, and the power of female connection through storytelling. I am fascinated by yarn, textiles, and the art of crocheting. Using femininely charged materials in a contemporary setting allows me to connect to women’s history while challenging traditional notions of art and gender. My work varies from sculpture to performance as I let the subject matter inform the medium. The creation process evokes new topics of interest that informs my next body of work.