Ouroboros (A Beginning)



Emily Traichel, Arts


Interactive sculpture, bark, mixed media, custom electronics;

Gently hover hand over object to activate

Artist Statement

My artwork probes untold stories of the land, stories swirling in the liminal spaces of time and place. My practice is informed by contemporary land politics, indigenous issues, folklore, magic and a profound love for Mother Earth.

The work lends viewers the imaginative perspective of a child while delving deeper into a more obscure and mysterious world. Spirits of the land are invoked in my works – was it the tree that you heard speaking, or just the sound of the passing breeze? The uncanny fosters curiosity in viewers paired with some unease in the questions left unanswered. I ask, who resides on the land, whether human or non-human? Whether visible or invisible? Whether living or memory? What is left behind and what is forgotten? And more urgently, how do we imagine a better world for everyone?

I thoughtfully engage with the landscape through performance driven by these inquiries. Using natural materials, sculpture, and electronics, I investigate inner and outer worlds and the spaces in-between; portals into different stories, in which the veil between the real and imagined is sometimes lifted.