Flipside of the Rain

Jacqueline Brulé, Arts

2017 – 2018

Collage, photography, and metal chain

Artist Statement

My work consists of mixed media collages and photography. I intend for the viewer to question the meaning of my work. I use juxtaposition to place images taken from magazines and personal sources and contrast them beside elements that do not belong in everyday life. This creates odd conceptual works that challenge our conventions.

I have created three collages that have been scanned and printed. The theme of these compositions reflects a couple’s desire and longing for each other, yet they are both trapped within a wish. Wishful Thinking depicts a man and a woman; I have used the motif of a wishbone to surround the two figures.

Wishful Thinking is composed of two collages that are shaped like a necklace and surrounds The Flip Side of the Rain. This work is a reflection of how the entrapments of life can be a barrier to one’s desires and wishes.