Muriel Farmer, Arts


Cotton, Modge Podge, canvas

Artist Statement

The countryside is where I feel the most comfortable. During my tranquil walks, I explore the Canadian untamed forests, infinite meadows, and free flowing streams. I am inspired by the intricate lines and patterned textures found in rotting wood, sprouting fungi, and various stages of insect cycles.

I am intrigued by and focus on the details of natural organisms with photography and I keep an archive of abstract photos. The photos are zoomed in on an element of a natural organism, which I find most appealing. I expand upon an element by transferring the design over into my work. I focus on small environmental details and emphasize them by increasing their scale.

As a mixed media artist, I recreate textures using everyday and natural organic materials. I am interested in the tension of work that attracts a viewer from a distance, calling for closer investigation, only to reveal a repulsive subject matter.