By: Varun Batta, 4B Computer Engineering student


While admiring all the many compliments

About the wonder that is her smile and face

She never really considers herself

To have such clear beauty and grace


All the time spent sitting in amazement

Brought on by just a small thought of you

My eyes fall upon true and utter beauty

When she happens to come into view


Always ready with a small remark

A minor point, if one doesn’t see

Her kind words bring to my face

A smile, a laugh, and eternal glee


It’s not just the looks, but the personality too

That fills me with wonder, amazement, and wow

Her presence is one that I cherish and love

One that I wish for every moment, even now


While it simply isn’t possible to be

The one term that she meets so well

My feelings confuse my eyes to see

That she is nothing but, and I want to tell


She is beautiful, she is wonderful, she is loving and sweet

She is stunning, she is amazing, she is beyond complete

There are thousands of millions of ways to say it

But what we all want to say is that she is perfect.