By: Varun Batta, 4B Computer Engineering student


Always thinking against it

Despite all the praise

Always thinking otherwise

No matter what they all say


Receiving compliments all the time

Searching for the flaws I perceive

Listening to them with a thankful smile

Yet never will I actually believe


These thoughts continue to come and go

Sometimes keep me in complete denial

These feelings go both up and down

Other times make me consider retrial


Hearing admirations from many a person

Disproving right away, always naturally

Handling them all like that, until

Just one person voices them casually


Suddenly these new notions take hold

Perhaps there is some reason for why

Every time someone offers ovation

Potentially there is a purpose to apply


Observing how that one person sees me

Noticing their smile whenever their eyes

Gazing upon me and now I see

That in all reality, there’s more to me.