By: Varun Batta, 4b Computer Engineering


Made to be treasured, to be loved forever

Forged by heat, by time and pressure

Constantly found in the most beautiful of settings

You glimmer and shine, as nothing else can


Scarce and rare, you are hard to find

Searched for by many, you are wanted by all

Oh so worthy, you continue to amaze

You, my angel, are precious like a gem


Something I need, want, and love,

Forever present, day in, day out

Rising and setting, showing me beauty

You lead to life, I could not do without


Your brilliance can never be shadowed upon

Your power never seizes to amaze

The true definition of radiance itself

You, my dearest, are marvelous like the Sun


Lighting up the dark, a beacon of light

Tiny and small, and so far away

Brilliant and powerful, shining forever

You bring hopes and dreams, pushing me on


There are so many, an uncountable measure

Yet each one is new, different and special

And not one of them can ever compare

To you, my one and only, my star