We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve (Rupi Kaur Poetry Contest – Honourable Mention)

by Pratibha Muthukumarasamy

all this while, we have forced ourselves to learn
learn how to control our rage
beneath the delicate pleats of our skirts
hidden from the rest of the world
thoughts that make us hesitant
from men who have mistreated us
but the thoughts hidden silently
have been pushing themselves to find a new home
a home where they will be taken care of
a home where they will finally be welcomed
with the respect they deserve

it’s about time
to show the world what we are made of
to shift from clenched fists and gritted teeth
from broken wrists and unhappy faces
by showing our beloved men
what it feels like to not receive love
love when you are fixing his tie
love when you are his only mental and emotional strength
love when you are his real knight in shining armour
love when you are a mother
it’s about time, ladies
to let out that hidden rage
from the pleats of our skirt
to fill our hearts
by loving our man
wholeheartedly instead
like we always do