I am me is I (Rupi Kaur Poetry Contest – Winner)

I am me is I


  I am not my identity.

I am not my humanity.    

        I am not my self (image, esteem, motivation).

I am I am I am I.


I am an everflowing everchanging wibbly wobbly thing that is I.

who am I?


I am not a student, not an employee,

not Adam


nor Sarah.


Not canadian, quebecois, white, bi or trans.

They are me and we are we as I am I.

Who was I? a memory of a memory.

Who will I be? a memory of a memory.


my individuality is a my, is not I.

the individual is not I,

who am I is not who am I but


what am I. What am I is a thing, an oeuvre, a judgement, a friend, an execution.


Who am I is I.


Who am I? nobody.


I am me is I.


Who am I?

just me.