I’ve come to burn your kingdoms down

Krys Kazik, 2B, Arts


” I am constantly learning relearning to learn,

breathing in smoke

that fills the air around me.

I have sought high ground before,

when the blood tides get a little too overwhelming

and you decide to let me drown.


My darling dearest darling,

you have kept your word about biting

the hand that feeds you

but remember that wolves are impossible to teach.


I will leave footprints on your doormat

and empty glasses in your sink,

like small particles of dust that float around your eyes

I am to be visible only when you look for me.


I cannot live with the notion of being a temporary

belief or idea.

I am more than the cosmic soot that builds me up and


breaks me down.


I am breathing in smoke my dear,

from all the hopes and dreams you helped scorch

so all that remains are bitter bones of who I

used to be.


But live,

prosper and grow through the stars that surround you.

I am not a teacher nor a helping hand in

how to train wild animals.


I have become smoke that cannot be captured nor contained

in your jars of plenty.

Bring yourself happiness in all the ways I could not,

allow the fire to consume you whole so I can

set tracks in the ashes.


May the bridges I burn,

light the way. “