Martha Brennan, 4A Joint Honours History and Honours English Literature

The bed is tiny

Just a few feet long

A warm summer breeze wafts through the window

Playing with the pink gossamer canopy

Tickling the tassells on the purple silk pillows

A miniature china tea set littered across a tiny table

Imaginary tea in empty cups

A teddy bear with just one ear waits at the table

He wears a pink tutu

And a plastic tiara

He shares his tea with a blue-eyed baby doll with golden curls

The third chair is empty

On the tiny vanity is a wooden box

When the box is open it makes beautiful music

It sings a lullaby to a tiny ballerina

A tiny ballerina who never rests

She just dances

Round and around

Listening to the music from the box

A tiny ballerina

In an empty room

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  1. Todd Charters

    This paints a very clear and haunting picture using only a few words. I know that I have seen this room in a house somewhere in my past.

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